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Perplexus Warp

Perplexus Warp brings a whole new shape and new challenges to the award-winning range of Perplexus 3-D games. Perplexus Warp is the first non-sphere Perplexus maze! Its unique shape maximizes visibility as you twist, turn and bend to master the curvy, pivotal, leaping maze. And now there’s a Warp Drive that lets you control the ball from the outside! With six flagged checkpoints and 80 challenges, Perplexus Warp gives you more puzzles to master. If you make it to the end, enjoy your triumph – then try racing anyone who will take the challenge. Perplexus Warp is a great game for ages 8+ because it's easy to learn, yet hard to master!


  • Perplexus Warp is the 3-D game you’ll hate… because you can’t put it down! You'll figure out the concept fast. Getting to the end is the challenge.
  • Twist and turn the game, making the little ball follow the right-side up, upside-down, sideways and twisted pathway. Fall off the path? Start over!
  • Now there’s the Warp Drive to help you on the impossible track! See how fast you can finish!
  • Perplexus Warp is a 3-D puzzle game for one player, or multiple players taking turns, recommended for ages 8+. No batteries required.


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